Home, it’s where we want to be!

Tori is excited!

Guess who is excited to get home and see her brothers and sisters? Our youngest, Tori! She’s been so great during this road trip but Tori is as ready as we are to get home to Utah. Last night we were looking at pictures of the kids at home, and she saw a picture of sister Krista, who is nine months older.  Tori started crying because she missed her.  She is getting tired of all of this adult attention.

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  1. Terry wayman says:

    I have read the book. It is very personal and powerful. It is a MUST read for those wanting to see how others live and operate in their lives even though it may be very different than our own. It has taken alot of courage to come forward as the Darger’s have done in the face of adversity. I hope that much good can be accomplished. These are ordinary American people living their lives to the best of their ability as they try to live up to their religious standards. A lovely family!!

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