We might have a little bit of a procrastination problem.  Today is the day before the science fair, and we have three kids up late finishing up their display boards.  The fun part was the experiments they did the past few weeks. Next step, is the display board. But why start on that until you absolutely have to?!  Maybe one day they will learn without it falling on me! So far all of my kids have had to stay up late to finish the night before the science fair.

Perhaps they are training the preschoolers already. Lately, whenever Tori, my two year old, wants to draw or color she asks me if she can do her ‘homework’.  And if I am writing anything or at my computer, she asks me if I am doing my homework.  I tell her yes, even though I might be shopping online, (hey, it’s mom homework, right?) Right now, Tori and her sister Krista, who is three, love to read books, draw, color and basically just enjoy learning!

I hope my little ones always view homework as something fun like the ‘big kids’ do.  As they get older and go to school themselves they won’t ever look at it as  what they have to do but rather something they get to do.

In the past we have had a “homework hour” each evening with our kids, until they got into the habit of taking the time to get in and do it themselves.  They do pretty well at it in general but every once in a while one of them will fall behind a bit, get caught up in a video game or have one too many social engagements.  When it really affects their grade they are pretty much grounded until their grade is up, (thank goodness for the online reports that are available to us as parents).

Here are our two little darlings working on their “homework”.

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  1. Shelly says:

    Ah procrastination, a word very well know in my household. I have found that for one of my children, he works best under pressure. His greatest body of works have been completed last minute, up til the wee hours of the morning, completely punch drunk from exhaustedness. It took me until he was in high school to realize he isn’t being irresponsible. He is accepting his abilities and personality.

    I love the age when they are excited for school, when they want to do what the big kids are doing. Sadly, for most children once they make it to school, the excitement dispapates. LOL

    And yes, shopping online is definetly mom’s homework! Finding any good deals?

  2. Ashley Rankin says:

    They are so so cute!!
    I think it’s all about motivation. If you make it something that they can view as fun and/or important, they will get a good start on it. Motivate them to get them going and use habit to keep them going. Seems thats whats going on in the Darger household! Bravo :)

  3. Mike Flessas says:

    Hi guys,

    I was venturing around YouTube and came across a video regarding your family. Frankly, I don’t understand why the state thinks what grown adults do that harms nobody is the state’s concern. It seems to me that all you should be admired and applauded for having the fortitude and love to keep your marriage going.

    Well, I’m not saying anything you don’t already know. I just wanted to say I think more people should be like all of you.

    With all good wishes from Sweden,

    I am,

    Mike Flessas

  4. Becca C. says:

    I was always the one staying up late to do my homework and projects, and my mum was always with me. It wasn’t until I hit college that I started to realize I needed to start sooner.

  5. rae says:

    actually procrastination is not always a bad thing. Many people perform best under pressure…course thats easy to say when I’m not talking about my own children lol. But as a psychology professor I can tell you for many people the rush that comes with procrastination can be a rush even if it’s an unconscious one. Good luck on the homework battles

  6. leslie says:

    I received a copy of your book from Brooke in the mail this week and I am really enjoying reading about your family. I especially like that you have included background about how your parents made plural marriage work. I think the success of your own family may come from the households that you grew up in. All of you, including Joe stress what a present and loving father that you had. And one of you (can’t remember which one) stated that your dad went to EACH house EVERYDAY after work to see his family. This lifestyle would not be for me, but I believe in live and let live as long as all involved are consenting adults and the family can financially support a family this size then its no one’s business. And if other families followed your lead, (one house payment, one set of utility bills, able to buy food in bulk and cook one meal for every one), and all adults have jobs outside the home except for one to care for the small children, then its easy to see how this would financially work. Thanks for writing your book. Merry Christmas to All of your family

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