Keeping Kids Busy and Happy

Girls coloring smartypants projectMy daughter Allie just turned eight.  She always wants to “spend special time” together.  This special time means making doll clothes, scrap book pages, painting, making cookies, or some other craft.  Although I love these activities, I don’t always have time, and each one requires a certain amount of set up.  After I have worked all day, have laundry to do, dinner to make and homework with kids, I barely have time to fall into bed.

Not long ago I found out about an amazing blog site for FREE printable crafts! The blog  is The designs are so fun and simple! They have all kinds of quick and easy crafts that can be copied in either color or black and white. I like to print them in black and white because our kids enjoy making each one unique. The activities are great; I can quickly print one out and have them all busy at the counter while I make dinner.

With many categories to choose from: animals, holidays, trees, and flowers, we are able to find something to interest a huge variety of ages. (Very important for us!)  Some favorites have been holiday crafts like the Halloween Spider Craft, the Scarecrow Activity and Coloring Page, and the Printable Christmas Tree.  I always keep the blog in mind if I am planning to volunteer at the school and need project ideas or for parties.  Check it out; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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3 Responses to Keeping Kids Busy and Happy

  1. Marsa says:

    Thanks for sharing! I checked out smartypantsfun and will be sure to share the blog with my friends with kids. :)

  2. Kacy says:

    Love this idea for keeping kids busy Alina! I am sure as a mom to so many kids you are an expert at finding things for them to do! :)

  3. Nicole Spain says:

    So cute! :)

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