KUER Public Radio and Our Public Appearances

Today we did an interview on the local public radio show, Radio West with KUER or 90.1. It is one of the more in depth interviews we have done. Very difficult but respectful interview to do. Hope you enjoy. I have been listening. It is hard to hear my own voice, I am not used to it and don’t like it. I also caught some of my grammatical mistakes. My wives do an incredible job though. I am proud of the job they are doing on this media tour.

Coming Home

Alina, Valerie, Joe and Vicki

Coming home from LA and the East coast and doing the local media has been the toughest because it is more exposing at home, and because it is the most hostile crowd. But the ladies keep me going, they still are trying to be moms, shopping today, cooking meals all the while being these incredibly articulate public speakers. They have inspired me every day. As in this piece, we some how find the courage and the words. We feel grateful to our Father in Heaven and to all of you who are sending us encouraging words. I still hope in the end, whether people like us or not, at the end of the day, please respect us.

Click to listen to the KUER Interview

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