Live Chat on Replayed

We did our first live chat this morning in Canada. We had participants from all over North America, and we ran out of time to get to all the questions according to our moderator. It was the first time we have done a chat like that and enjoyed it.

You can review the questions at this link here.

If there are any questions that we did not get to you are welcome to leave them here on this blog and we will get to as many as we can. Overall we are so surprised at how supportive and respectful people have been. Thank you to all who have reached out to us, shared our story and given us encouragement, support or just been impacted in a positive way. I have had the most difficult time of all the family being so public but it is encouraging to see so much love and support.

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5 Responses to Live Chat on Replayed

  1. S. says:

    I was fortunate enough to get to participate in the chat–I appreciated your honesty and candidness.

  2. Denise says:

    Enjoyed reading the chat. With your honest answers. I am sorry to hear of Vicki’s miscarriage and hope she is doing as well as can be.. thoughts and prayers to you all.

  3. A says:

    Hi. The link says the chat is no longer available. Do you have the transcript elsewhere?

  4. I am here to wish you a love sincere.

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