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Love Times Three is proudly published by Harper Collins Publishers.

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5 Responses to Love Times Three Publisher

  1. Jeannine Haueter says:

    Dear Family, I`m from Switzerland. I saw in the TV about you. Can I buy your book in German language?

    Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for the future

    • Joe says:

      We wish! My brother lives in Germany and we would have him do the translation for us. We have not had sufficient interest in German rights yet, though we are trying to get interest. We have been talking to a German TV station about doing a show so we will see. As it is now, it is only available in English, and probably in Switzerland Amazon might be your best bet. We like hearing from people from far places in the world, so thank you, and Merry Christmas to you Jeannine!

  2. Helena Sillerström says:

    will your book be translated into Swedish? I´m very curious about your family. Forgive my bad english.
    Sending a hug to you al from Sweden

    • Valerie says:

      We don’t know on translations, if there is enough demand it certainly may become viable. We love hearing from our new friends from all over the world, Lots of love back to Sweden.

  3. Thomas M. says:

    I am a devout traditional LDS Mormon (mainstream), so I do not believe God authorizes polygamy in our day. However, I have read your book, which was an eye-opening experience and I absolutely enjoyed it and truly hope that someday soon you will win this battle. It makes no sense to me that polygamy (especially as a religious belief) should be a crime anywhere. Your example, to me, proves that polygamy done right can be just as good if not even better than monogamy. The early leaders of the church obviously felt this way. Were I your neighbor, I’d totally have our families hang out together. I stand by you in your hope that perhaps polygamy will be a political non-issue by the time your grandkids are older.

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