Luau Birthday Girl


Here is Sabrina who won the Hula hoop contest, and would have kept going but Tavish got impatient and bumped her ‘accidentally on purpose’.

Our family averages about 2.25 birthdays a month.  It takes plenty just to plan a birthday party just for our family.  I think we would just be asking for insanity if we planned ‘friend’ birthday parties too often.  Our kids look forward to their 10th birthday, because that is when they get to plan their first ‘friend’ birthday party.  We don’t have any particular system for this, it is different for each child.  This year for Sabrina’s birthday we did a Hawaiian Luau.  She got her sisters together and they made the invitations on homemade lei’s, made of yarn, straws and flowers cut out of construction paper. Hand written on the flowers were the details for the party. it was actually a bit of work, and they did a super job sticking to it! We had about 24 girls in all.

We also got a bunch of plastic lei’s and some made with silk flowers.  I hung some cardboard party signs and  decorations in the yard and put grass skirts around the tables, and we had some netting décor with plastic crabs, seahorses and starfish hanging in it.  I never quite got around to getting any palm trees but it worked out.

I served fruit skewers, corn dogs and chips, punch, and of course cup cakes and creamies, kept it somewhat simple, and colorful!  I also had a popcorn machine going just in case anyone got the ‘munchies’ …and they did!

We found some fun activities and games online.  I put on some Hawaiian tunes and had them get their hula groove on, then we played musical chairs.  We had a hula hoop contest to see who could keep it up the longest. We had a scavenger hunt…and a treasure hunt, and we set up a bowling game using 6 empty 2 liter soda bottles and coconuts. Whew, I’m getting tired just thinking about it again!  It was a bit of work to keep them all busy and entertained, keep it moving.  Then it was time to open presents—so fun for her.  She will be making lots of friendship bracelets because she got kits for them from 3 different guests.

And finally the girls participated in a limbo!  We set up 2 lines and had 2 people hold each end of a long bamboo stick, after each  person had a turn to go under the stick got lowered. If they touched it they were out of the game, until there was only one left, the winner!  This was a big hit, they asked to do it over and over, getting better at each round.  I was pretty amazed at the flexibility I saw.

Game time was over and they just played until one by one their parents came to pick them up.  What  a great party!  Everyone had a good time, hopefully this will give them all some great memories!

Here is Tavish in charge of the music for musical chairs. That game never gets old!


Gathering up the leis and grass skirts


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