Made in the Shade – The Hidden Perks of Polygamy

Tori gets a kiss from an older sisterA friend came over the other day. She’s my age, divorced from a monogamous marriage, lives back East, has one adorable child, wanted more but, for whatever reason, it never worked out.

We haven’t seen each other in more than a year, so I was excited to get the chance to visit with her and catch up. As we were talking on the couch in our living room, kids would come up and talk to me and I would quickly help them with whatever the issue was and get back to my visit. I asked one child to feed Tori and later asked another to change Krista. I usually don’t ask the children to change a stinky diaper unless my hands are already full, and I reward them for it with a treat or money — their choice.  That’s just a dirty job. But typically, the older kids don’t mind changing and dressing the babies. In fact, many times they do it of their own accord because they like to play with the little ones so much. Tori loves to play peek-a-boo and Krista is such a cute little talker.

Anyway, back to my friend. So, she saw me giving orders to the kids and said, “You’ve got it made! These kids really take care of things for you (in your polygamous lifestyle)!” I just nodded my head in humble agreement. All of these children are such an added blessing in my life.

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