Mom To Be At 43! Part Three


Saying goodbye to my oldest son Caleb.


When I first began the journey of parenthood, the learning curve was steep. It seemed so difficult! Now, as I prepare for my ninth child, I am more relaxed and confident about parenting. I have a healthy body, a wonderful marriage, a happy home and all the support and resources I need to welcome a new life into this world.

And I have a great source of inspiration: My grown children, who inspire me in so many ways with the paths they are choosing. I have so much hope for them, so much confidence in their ability to make the world a better place, to make a difference in people’s lives. The physical discomfort and pain of pregnancy, the tinges of jealousy, the inevitable weight gain, and the temporary sleepless nights are nothing compared to the rewards and blessings of parenting.

So once again I get to partake in the joy that is the miracle of birth, the miracle of life! And so do our other children. It is beautiful to see them react with love, a connection and even a sense of duty to protect and care for this new life as they watch my belly grow.

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2 Responses to Mom To Be At 43! Part Three

  1. Jules says:

    Dear Dargers,
    First time I have ever posted, but I have for awhile now enjoyed reading about your family, and watching your television special/series. At first I compared your family to the Browns, as I too have had an interest in them, because before them, I had heard nothing but bad things about the polygamist community. So curiosity started me watching/following them, then you came along in one of their shows, and I have been a fan since. I quit comparing the two families, as you both have different faiths/beliefs so to speak, and you run your families so totally different! I have come to have a more negative outlook on the Browns, but will keep to myself, as my opinion doesn’t matter, nor why I am posting this today. I just feel like you all have a more structured life, and you all work together more than they do, and therefore, you are able to work out the jealousy, the KITCHEN SHARING…lol the home, the children, well, your entire life is just so much more organized and structured, and full of love and compassion for others, and even your children, my how bright and smart and full of love for one another they are! You can tell I guess I’m trying to say, that you all have worked on the “issues” for years, and you all work together as moms, and it has trickled down to your children and I for one, am amazed at how you make it work. I know it isn’t easy, as I read your blogs, and you ladies are so honest about your jealousy, or anger, or whatever it is you are feeling toward Joe, or each other, and honesty is what makes your show and blogs so refreshing. I don’t feel like you hide behind your faith, or try to be people you are not. Thank you for that. I see you as human, just like me, although I have one husband and am not of your faith, you all don’t make your “lifestyle”/”faith” seem weird or strange. You have the same issues as my husband and I do, although with a little more jealousy and time restraints with your husband, due to 3 wives. You make this life seem so much more ….okay. Hope I’m making sense, I just wanted you to know that although I still watch the Browns, your family has really shown America how polygamy works, good and bad, and you are appreciated for your honesty in showing your flaws. You ladies show so much class and you show each other respect, I wish other plyg families would take a chapter or two out of your book/life and try and learn from your family. You have even shown me how to be more honest in showing my flaws, and not trying to hide them. Joe, I even appreciated the blog about how angry you were when your gas got shut off. That is something we all experience, disappointment, anger in our spouse, but you showed it to America, and showed how you also forgave, loved and worked out the issues you had with your wife who’s fault/accident it was. We are learning so much about polygamy from you, the Dargers, and learning about sharing, loving, and compromising with others, things we all started learning in Kindergarten. Something we will always have to work on, deal with, right? But you make it look easier, because you have been working as a team together for so long on those issues, and it shows it works. I hope the “other” plyg families watch and learn how to be successful in their homes and relationships like you. Thank you for reading my book, lol!….and know that you are doing a lot of good here on your website, and on your show, you are helping so many understand your life and faith, and I hope you can continue your show so others can jump on board to see what I have seen. A truly loving family, with some pretty awesome kids! (truly, you should all be proud)……from Jules in Indiana.

  2. Dragon's Blood Jasper says:

    Jules in Indiana, you nailed a lot of things in your post–for me, it’s not so much about learning about “polygamy”, per se. . . . it’s gaining yet more insight into how others manage their marriages and relationships, and how they navigate their ups and downs. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can always use more insight and another way of looking at things as I continue to grow in my own marriage. Rock on, Dargers!

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