MRC TV Interview on DOMA

We recently did an interview with the conservative Media Research Center. They plan to have several links to the interview which was done over Skype. I suppose Skype is the new way interviews will continue to be done but I dislike the poor quality it lends to.

The interview was something we were not prepared for and I should have been because the interview was from the heart of southern christian conservative organization that promotes itself as “fair” (without the balance).  It was the first time I have had a “news” interviewer asked me to defend my marriage practice given that the bible disproves it. Never mind the thousands of Christians who practice polygamy in America, and the many historical Christians that have practiced it both in the Bible, and out such as Martin Luther.

Overall, we kept our message as it has always been, that the our rights have just as much efficacy as anyone else and that DOMA can’t help but positively impact us. I know that it is difficult for many religious people to “accept” gay marriage, including many polygamous people we know. However, in a free society, one that is a Republic to protect ourselves from the popular masses of a pure democracy, the rights of the unpopular are just as important as the rights of the many.


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  1. Johnnomads says:

    It cracks us up when well meaning, but clueless christians, tell us that our lifestyle is a sin, or that the Bible disapproves of it. I usually play with their minds, and ask them to show me where it says that, which of course they can’t. Seriously it’s sad that people of faith don’t know what is in their holy book, 2 Timothy 2:15.

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