My Main Squeeze

Let’s go by 7 p.m., he says.

Okay, I’ll be ready.

I get dolled up, dress up a little, do my make up, tussle with my hair.

Ready when you are!

Oh, he’s on the phone. I can tell it will be a long conversation.

Finally, he’s off!

Wow, you look great!

Thank you!

Just a few last minute things to go over with the family before we leave, he says.

Jed, make sure you check the sprinklers, take the load to where it needs to go.

Alina, let’s finish the conversation we were having earlier, when I was interrupted by a call.

Val, have the boys finish putting everything back in the shed and make sure the garbages are out.

Liesl, call me, I will talk to you while I’m driving.

Vanessa, I wish I could take you, but not this time. I love you!

Kady, you sure are beautiful (as we are hopping into the truck).

Louis, can you take care of that pile of weeds right there?

His phone rings before we even pull out of the driveway. It’s going to be a long one, so I whip out my phone and start checking Facebook.

He finishes the phone call, we stop for gas, already late for the business meeting he has before our date. We have two — two! — uninterrupted minutes before we get to the meeting.

I bring something to work on while he finishes his stuff.  Why didn’t I bring my book? This is taking longer than expected. Luckily, I have a Kindle app on my phone. I make a phone call, text my teens and touch base with them for the umpteenth time today. Oh great, my phone battery is dead.

Wait some more. I hope his battery dies soon, too, then I might get some time with him!

Finally, the meeting is over, just under an hour, we are on our way, hopefully to a nice quiet restaurant where we can linger over a meal and enjoy one other’s company, yes, that sounds nice.

We find a charming place, off the beaten path so to speak, quiet, open late. This is a man who lives life with passion, always trying to make the most of his time and circumstances, appreciates good food and good company, and for a while, we take advantage of what we have, connecting, sharing, talking, laughing, thoroughly enjoying our time together.

The wait? All worth it because now he gives himself completely to me.

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