On the hunt with the sister wives

One thing we sister wives love to do together is what we call garagin’. Most Saturdays throughout the summer we can find garage sales in our area, where good buys abound. On days when we are too busy to go to garagin’ because of other obligations, it actually pains us to drive by so many signs pointing this way and that, knowing all the great deals we are missing out on.

We look for household items, home decor, clothing for the kids and ourselves, bikes (in fact, we have rarely bought a brand-new bike) and anything else we might not even know we were looking for.  We grab things up and make all kinds of bargains. We see it as saving money.

Recently, Alina bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner for only $2 !  You just can’t beat that! Alina is known around our house as the vacuum fix-it lady, and she found a clog, removed it and it is good as new.

Sabrina with our garage-sale find!

We found a nice set of golf clubs for Joe for around $100 — not that he often has time to go, but he has a nice set now. I bought a double stroller for $20. The list goes on.

I have actually felt pangs of jealousy when my sister wives were able to go garagin’ and I wasn’t.  But what’s cool is that I can’t count the times they have brought things back for me or for my kids or for the home that we all benefit from.  That’s awesome!

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  1. Evelyn says:

    I love sales! My daughter and I go as often as we can. We find some nice things.

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