One Huge Family Christmas Party!

I have thirty-one siblings and it is a rare occasion when all of us can get together.  Just imagine the sheer size of my family gatherings when each person shows up with their individual group! For about fifteen years, my eldest sister Jodie has taken on the task of planning a family Christmas party.  It is a huge job; the crowd this year was roughly three hundred people.  Jodie loves the holiday and adores children, so for her it is a labor of love.

Sabrina, Kady and Allie ready to bowl!

Angel gets a treat bag from Santa

In the past, the challenge has been keeping so many children of different ages occupied. Previously we gathered at a banquet hall and we shared a big buffet meal, another year she planned craft booths for all the kids and had a photographer there to take family pictures. In addition, she always hires a Santa Claus and makes over 200 treat bags filled with candy and prizes for the children.

Kyley on Santa’s lap.

This year Jodie rented out a 24 lane bowling alley and every available spot was taken! While the younger kids were having a turn bowling, the teens enjoyed playing a game of pool.

Ashton and Logan shoot some pool.

Of all the options we have tried for the family Christmas party, bowling seems to work out best because each age loves to play and it keeps the kids busy.


Though most of my sibling are not plural families they are all supportive of our family. Joe, Vicki, Val and I all go to my family party; we all consider each other family.  Our kids love the gathering and look forward to it every year. What are some of your favorite family traditions?



Alina, Val, Joe and Vicki at the family party.
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16 Responses to One Huge Family Christmas Party!

  1. Melinda says:

    I think that is a wonderful idea. Once a year, my grandmother’s family gets together during summers and we rent out a campground. I am the 7th of 9 kids, from a divorce and remarriage on both sides with monogamous marriages, and each of the kids have no less than 2 children of their own. My mom’s mom’s family is roughly the same, we have fun fishing and playing in the lake or hunting crayfish. The adults sit around, talk, or play cards. This year the Christmas party is at my house. We are only expecting 25, due to many cancellations due to the flu. I could not imagine planning for 300! She is awesome!

  2. Kari Kirkland says:

    Loving the beard on Joe. Glad my hubby is growing his out too!

  3. Liz says:

    I really loved reading this today. In our house growing up we did both Haunakah and Christmas. It was always really fun and a great time of family getting together.

  4. JanetH says:

    on my mom’s Colombian side-I have 6 uncles-24+cousins so at Christmas we get together for 9 days (a novena)starting Dec 16 to 24 each night at a different house. The first night they put the children’s names in a basket (w/ages) then let kid’s pick a secret santa choice-so they would all give/recieve a nice random gift on the 24…luv the bowling alley idea!

  5. Alina says:

    I love the secret Santa idea!

  6. gabby says:

    I don’t mean to compare your family to the Browns, but you guys are just such a more attractive quad…couple :)

  7. Janet says:

    Dear Joe & wives, although I come from a monogamous relationship I love watching how polygamous families live. I enjoy & learn easier ways to do things! Keeo being true to yourself and each other…

  8. Leanne says:

    How awesome is it that you guys had to rent out a BOWLING ALLEY in order to fit everybody in there? And I bet it was STILL bursting at the seams! :)

    Love Vicki’s hair, btw. Did you go blonde? Not expecting that! :)

  9. Kari Hutson says:

    Hi! so my mom and me where watching your family on TLC the other night and she wasn’t paying attention. I told her that what people said about polygamy is just bs and that like anything else it just takes a few bad seeds to spoil the whole picture. I have read your book and I enjoyed every page. I am a single mom with a beautiful toddler and I am also sterotyped. Because her dad isn’t in her life and because I am in school, I am a “deadbeat” or “bad” mom. Reading your book helped me. Thank you for your book and your wonderful family!

  10. Cecilia says:

    Although I don’t agree with your lifestyle, I am open to watching it and learning what it is all about. It is very interesting and I don’t think it should be anyones business how people want to live their lives. You are consenting adults that choose to live this way and it is your business only. Why is it ok for two gay men to live together but polygamy isn’t? I don’t understand why America picks one lifestyle over the other!!

  11. Janet says:

    I watched your show on TLC, and keep praying that thry give your family a regular spot on TLC. Although I live in a monogamous relationship doesn’t mean I judge anyone. I can see how loving your family is with each other. It is a normal family other than having 3 moms. 1 of my questions is why are the kids calling the other moms by their real names and not mom? I mean you said you wanted he sister wives along with the husband, and the rest of your family dynamic is as one big happy family! 2 why is it ok for a man to have several wives, but not ok for a women to have several husbands? I truly love your family & show just a few things that I didn’t understand because with the Brown family all moms are called mom even if it’s not their biological children!

  12. Ingrid says:

    I loved seeing your family on TLC. Your family is such a joy to see. And I love the big family party! My family is large with my dad having twelve siblings that have nine kids each. My family only having three has such a fun time in a large family with all the cousins. I wish your family all the best. And respect to what you are all doing! I read the book and have always been an advocate for living the way one wants to live. All the best to you and your family through the holidays.

  13. Johnnomads says:

    One of our family traditions, over the holidays, is to invite a houseless person (we don’t use the term homeless, because of negativity over the term) to spend the day with us.

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