Our Polygamous Family Packing For A Family Trip To Lake Powell

First, there are lists to be made! Food lists, clothes lists, tents, sleeping bags, life jackets, camp chairs, firewood, water and did I mention food lists? We know we go through a lot of food in a week but when you have to pack it all and haul it somewhere it really puts it in perspective!

So we are taking the whole ‘polygamous’ family, and we are going with two much smaller families and we are planning the same meals as them in order to keep it as simple as possible. One of the mothers from the ‘monogamous’ family offered to do the shopping — no small sacrifice. She made the list of each item that was needed but wanted us to fill in amounts.  Although I do cook, I don’t do the shopping; that’s Alina’s job. So I don’t have a great feel for amounts. But we all sat down and went over it and every time we would determine an amount, the monogamous wife’s eyes would practically bug out of her head in shock. We use over half of a #10 can of refried beans for a meal, they use two small 10 oz cans.  We use six boxes of cold cereal, they use one and a half, maybe. And on it went.

So did I mention there will be a lot of food to haul? At Costco she had two of those pallet carts full of food!

Guess what else? Bedding. One problem is the weather is uncertain…chance of rain. But even then, 27 sleeping bags?! Give or take. We have to pull a trailer just to load all our necessities and there will be four vehicles just for our family. I started going through the sleeping bags and there were several that had elastic ties that had lost their stretch, several others had the cords broken off so every time we go camping they won’t stay folded and it’s a big mess. I didn’t want to deal with that so I got out the sewing machine the three of us share, gathered fabric that I had recently been given when my aunt cleaned out her sewing room, and started sewing up a storm…of sleeping bag bags. I had made 10 by the time I was done, and some had to be pieced together with several scraps — not because I didn’t have enough larger pieces of fabric but because I like to be frugal. I was kind of proud of myself. It may or may not be appreciated by anyone else, but I feel like we will be more organized.

The kids helped out a lot, assigning out sleeping bags, hauling coolers and chairs, loading up the trailer and the ski boat with all of it.  I told them to plan on a lot of loading and unloading throughout.

But it’s gonna be fun, right?  Yes! Once we get there and have a week to do nothing but enjoy one another’s company…and make meals and clean up and make sure no one falls in the lake!

Relaxing, not so much.  But we are all looking forward to it.

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