Our Son and The Mighty Sequoyah Get Interviewed

When we wrote the book we realized that an important voice to be heard would be our children.  We wanted those that wrote to be over 18 so that they could write from a mature perspective but still give a voice to our children. Caleb, Laura and Amanda all agreed. Caleb probably had the hardest time with doing it.  My boys have always had a tougher time with being public. One of Caleb’s challenges is that he did not want to be known as a “polygamist band” as he had been developing his music career quite fine on his own.

He agreed though because he felt it was important and we are glad he did.  Caleb has always been a fiercely independent and headstrong kid.  He is immensely talented, very driven and is someone we are very proud of as parents. An interviewer at the RNA conference we spoke at discovered his music and asked him for the interview. We thought it turned out well. You can read the interview here.

He still doesn’t like the label but he has embraced his past and knows what a rich part of his music his upbringing and faith is. The music  is not only about the faith but about relationships, tolerance and the struggles of life.  Many ask if our children will “follow in our footsteps,” meaning live plural marriage. Recently Caleb has been investigating and considering joining the mainstream LDS Church.

While it is always hard to allow your children to make choices on their own, especially if you disagree with them, we believe it is essential element of our faith. Free Agency, God giving us will, or the ability to choose is central to His plan. It necessitated the Atonement, and the saving grace of our Savior; for He knew as soon as He gave us choice, we would most assuredly choose wrong at least sometimes.

For us, the important thing for our children is to know why they are making the choices they are, and that how they go about those choices is done deliberately, prayerfully and honorably.  Caleb, like many young men is trying to figure out his direction in life, but we know once he knows where he is going he will most certainly get there.

For those that want to get more of Caleb’s Music click on The Mighty Sequoyah

You can also find The Mighty Sequoyah on Facebook.

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3 Responses to Our Son and The Mighty Sequoyah Get Interviewed

  1. Stephania says:

    He’s good, reminiscent of both Cat Stevens & Dylan, though I have to say I prefer the Stevens influence-when he sings in the lower keys rather than the Dylanesque-style- but he’s got real talent, he doesn’t need to emulate anyone ( i used to do this myself, and can pull off a pretty good imitation of Stevie Nicks, but I have my own, separate voice though sometimes it is hard not to lazily lapse into the copying -worse, I even dressed like that and bleached my hair- don’t worry, I stopped doing that long ago, but that is the problem with emulating someone else’s style, you get known as being like them and not you).

    In Caleb’s case, first, he can carry a tune , which is more than one can say about some that make it onto TV singing competitions, second, he can play, third I don’t know if he writes his own material, but if so he’s a triple threat. I don’t think he needs to worry so much about the ‘stigma’ or tag of being the ‘ polygamist’s progeny folk singer’…out in other places besides Utah where people are somewhat neurotic about the topic, given the state’s history, (the modern LDS being like the kid who is mad at/disowns/emancipates from his parents , the original Mormons ) but in other states, I don’t think it would be this ‘omg gasp; type thing at all- if he doesn’t amke a big deal about it and act all uncomfortable about it and manages to have even humor about it, it will put others at ease.

    If he acts shamefaced and scaredy, it makes others feel weird. A lot of people simply don’t think, they just react off how others act, almost like how doggies can pick up on when people are threatening or fearful- there are actually people out there who are like dogs. I know, I’m awful for saying that- but it’s kinda true. If Caleb doesn’t hang his head and acts more casual about it and even makes a little joke out of it ” Yeah Caleb has three mommies” (like the popular PC book , heather has 2 mommies’ or something like that, people will get past it and over it faster than if he tries to hide it or at all acts ashamed of it.

    Even out here in California, even with the whole deal of who gets ‘marital rights’ and all that, I think people would appreciate Caleb’s work on it’s own- the marital rights thing out here which I know, you and others who live your way are not lobbying for, but simply decriminalization- which I think is a better choice all around.

    The people who have this problem with any kind of LDS because of the marriage rights battle need to get that not every LDS/Mormon has exactly the same views on it , same with the kids, kids don’t always agree with their parents, or just want to try life a different way- but in any case, I don’t think anyone is going to go after him because of all this perceived baggage- He’s just a good player.

    Heck if every musician was hung out to dry for their own personal lives we wouldn’t have any musicians left, but sheesh , going after what their parents do is stretching it a bit far.
    Just like what I mentioned about liking Cat Stevens. I’m not a Muslim, nor do I have any intention of converting to that , I just like the music/singing. If people could get past attaching that they have to agree with everything a person (or their parents!) believes and does with enjoying their creative endeavors (serial killers excluded- there are limits) , they would be able to get a lot more out of our time here on this earth.

  2. Rita says:

    He has talent

  3. Adrienne says:

    Just saw this…he has his “own” talent, his own voice—he is GREAT!!!!!! Very, very talented. I don’t see him as trying to emulate anyone else at all….I know your family is so proud!

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