Our Trusty Toyota Sienna Versus The Polyg Rig

We have no new vehicles, our newest is a 2006. We recently had as many as 10 vehicles in our household. This seems like a lot and it is, but when we have four adults, and Joseph, Caleb, Amanda, Jed, Grayson and Liesl all on our insurance you can see why we needed so many cars. We have considered the idea of a 15 passenger van, and we have an Excursion that is our biggest people mover. We have some smaller more efficient cars that mostly the kids drive.

Our kids call the 15 passenger van a polyg rig and have begged us not to buy one for the “uncool” factor. As it is if the whole family is going somewhere it involves the Excursion, which only holds nine, the Sienna which holds eight, and then the balance in one of our smaller cars, so a 15 passenger would help reduce the cars.

But like many families the primary functional vehicle is the mini van.  We have had our share of them over the years. But without a doubt our favorite has been the Sienna. I know that Toyota has suffered some on their reputation lately when it comes to quality.  However, we know when we have put a car through the Darger Family test it gets more tested than just the miles driven.

The Sienna has been a dream van for us.  It’s has held up to the rigors of missing some of the scheduled maintenance, and the difficulty of having multiple drivers using it in hard driving conditions. We live down a dirt road which always adds additional stress to our vehicles. The struts, shocks and drive system has held up very well on the Sienna.

The rear cargo area of this model has extra space, and when we fold down the rear seat it is ideal for the large family Costco runs. Toyota is so high on our list, we recently encouraged our oldest son to buy a Corolla of the same year. Our only wish on this van is that we had the automatic sliding door on both sides.

The automatic sliding door has certainly exceeded its design, but has held up very well with such extensive use. We have really put no major money into repairs so far. We’ve had the mirror switch go out, but other than that the van continues to impress us with its ability to take a beating.

They styling is basic but very functional.  After trying all of the american made vans we definitely recommend this one for a family.  With the two new teenage drivers we hope it doesn’t get any more of the “character marks” that the older kids have left upon the vehicle.


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2 Responses to Our Trusty Toyota Sienna Versus The Polyg Rig

  1. John Nomads says:

    We’ve had a couple of conversion vans, but we are tossing around the idea of a 22 passenger shuttle bus with a wheelchair lift.

  2. Pete says:

    My wife always dreamed of owning an extended passenger van, “uncool” though it may appear. Our friend calls our 15 passenger behemoth our “loser cruiser”, but my wife has dubbed it a “CHV” (stands for Christian Homeschooling Van).

    Her dream is to fill it with kids. We are only at two and have a long way to go!

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