Pioneer Day In Our Polygamous Household

Pioneer Day - Waiting For His HomecomingToday is Pioneer Day, the day 164 years ago that the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. It is a state holiday, one we usually spend picnicking, camping or boating. But, since my husband has been gone 18 of the past 21 days working and is leaving again tomorrow, we chose to stay home.

Having him home for such a short time puts a strain on our schedules, since we all miss each other so much. When he flew in, all three of us went to the airport to pick him up. We then went out to dinner to catch up on all that had happened during the weeks he’d been away.

Last time he returned after working out of town, it was my night and so I was able to spend time with him right off. This time I waited three days for my turn. It is times like these that make me focus on being a better person. In our marriage, being patient and allowing room for someone else’s relationship is important. Seeing all the demands upon my husband helps me to be more giving and less selfish. Sometimes I just want what I want though! That’s not so bad, right?

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  1. RF says:

    Not so bad at all :)

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