Polgyamy Store Launch And Our Sister Penny

If you had a chance to see My Three Wives you would have seen our workout routines we do. We follow the Crossfit workouts out of our home gym. They are strenuous workouts that involve cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting. As such, we have a lot of soreness, sometimes injuries and bruises as well.

A staple product of ours we have used is herbal salve from our sister Penny. She hand makes them. We buy them from her and she has perfected old recipes that are now so effective that we can’t imagine not having them. We have often told her she should sell them to the public. One little stumbling block is, she is great at making them but she does not know how to market them and get the word out.

This past year Penny has really struggled taking care of her family and her business because her husband, the families main breadwinner, is battling cancer. His condition continues to deteriorate. Penny inspired us to use our website to help her and other families we know, who make products for supplemental income for their families. We partnered up with some who had the knowledge to set up the store and with this intention launched Polygamy Store.

By purchasing the products there, and specifically Penny’s salves, you help her in her difficult situation, and more importantly you get a chance to experience her love and passion for health and healing. Herbs and natural healing are big part of Mormon tradition.  Penny has been very interested in essential oils for 15 years and believes they are like bottled miracles.  She uses only a therapeutic grade of oils for her products. We hope you get a chance to try the salve. The Soulstice is our favorite and the most potent. The natural lip balms are especially great this time of the year and they last for along time.



We hope you enjoy the love!


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5 Responses to Polgyamy Store Launch And Our Sister Penny

  1. Amy Manning says:

    Has she ever thought of selling them at places like the Quilted Bear or other boutiques?

  2. Lex says:

    Etsy is also a great place to sell – you can reach a wide audience and it has a clientele that enjoys purchasing hand made items and supporting the little guy versus the big box stored!

  3. Bradley says:

    Hey Joe, Just on Penny’s husbands cancer.
    there is a shop in the valley that grows and makes a juice from 40 different live sprouts. Its very good for rebuilding cells.
    Someone I know down at CC used it and I think it was a part of what helped them.
    I can find their address or you can find it through googling 40 blades of grass.

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