Polygamous Birthday Boy Asks For Strange Birthday Gift!

I have to say I am proud of my oldest son Caleb and how resourceful he is, how frugal he is and how well he manages his money.

During one of Caleb’s high school classes, the teacher was going over budgeting and showed the class how much money they’d spend on beverages if they had a drink with their lunch five days a week.

Caleb was astounded and told me about it later. I said to him, “So now you can see that you can get one maybe once a week instead.” I was trying not to take all the fun out of life.

Caleb looked and me and said, “No, it means I will never get one!” That lesson really hit home for him.

For his birthday this year, I asked Caleb for some ideas on what he wanted. We have a budget and, although I usually get a list from my kids, I let them know they may not get everything on it and that a gift is generally chosen by the giver.

Last year, Caleb asked me to stock his spice cupboard.

Calebs Birthday Toilet Paper!This year, he asked for some basic necessities — underwear, socks, T-shirts, laundry soap, toilet paper and some food. When Caleb opened the presents on his birthday, some siblings seemed confused by the toilet paper.

“What?” he said. “I hate spending money on stuff like that!”

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2 Responses to Polygamous Birthday Boy Asks For Strange Birthday Gift!

  1. Marie Nadine says:

    One Love Vicky,

    It’s great to pass on the importance of good finance and sensible expenditure to the younger generations. I also love to get necessities as gifts. I was wondering if you folks also had a garden. I think that one of you wrote that your parents had a garden and they grew food during the Spring and Summer months which help to sustain your family during the Winter. Is there a reason why you folks didn’t continue with that tradition?
    I notice that you folks have really good skin and a healthy appearance. I know that the love lifestyle is partly responsible and the wonderfurl air of Utah. And I also believe that the home grown produce helped a lot too.

  2. RF says:

    Smart Caleb. I like doing that as well. Can so relate.

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