Repurposed – A Much Used Word In Our Polygamous Household

I love the word “repurposing.”

I have been doing it all my life, but I didn’t have a fancy word for it until now. As a teen, I took an old pair of jeans and repurposed it into a purse. I took a leather jacket and made headbands (think Maria on “The Sound of Music,” making clothes out of drapes for the children, much to the horror of Capt. Von Trapp). I would go to thrift stores and visualize how I could turn items into something that I wanted. I cut off the top of a pair of overalls and sewed a pretty floral rayon fabric to make a dress and I promise it was stylish in the ‘90!

Repurposed JeansNot all of my projects have been successes. I once got an ugly old desk from a garage sale for free, imaging how I could turn it into a beautiful one. But I chose the wrong type of paint and it turned out to be too much work and I didn’t have the money for the rope moulding that was the finishing touch.

Still, I’ve kept at it, giving new life to lots of things over the years.

Today, I repurposed eight pairs of flair and straight-leg pants into fashionable skinny jeans for the kids. I figure I saved $100 in school clothes, at least. Who else gets clothes with a tailored fit?

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One Response to Repurposed – A Much Used Word In Our Polygamous Household

  1. Marie Nadine says:

    One Love Vicky,

    That’s great! I love that your talent for re-purposing. I sometimes have similar ideas but I never seem to have the time and energy to go through with the projects. I know many women who turn denim pants or jeans into lovely skirts. I’ve bought a couple from this very talented woman in Boston and I plan to get many more for me and my daughter. I just believe in the idea of recycling clothes. Recently, I saw this skirt that was made from used sweaters on the UncommonGoods website. They seem to always be looking for artist. Please check it out or make your own stuff from re-purposed items.

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