Rolling With Life – Mishaps Happen In Polygamous Life Too!

Our flat tire Fortunately, we have a few teens in our polygamous family who are able to run errands for us when we’re super busy. Unfortunately, they are somewhat inexperienced drivers.

Fortunately, they are smart enough to pull over and check things out when they hear a strange noise coming from the somewhere on the car. Unfortunately, if they can’t see the problem they get back in and keep driving. Fortunately, they have angels protecting them because the most recent noise ended with a bad tire blowing out.

They have cell phones and were able to call for a ride home. Unfortunately, it was a busy time so it took us a while to go take care of the problem. Fortunately, and with the help of a nice neighbor, we were able to fix the tire and get it off the street before it was impounded. Whew!

Unfortunately, our car troubles were not over. Another teen wanted to borrow a car to take her brothers to a concert. Fortunately, they made the journey safely and enjoyed the concert immensely. Unfortunately, when they returned to the car it was being towed away and no amount of tears could convince the tow-truck driver to stop the process. Fortunately, there was another brother at the concert with his own separate car and he gave them a lift home. Unfortunately, it costs $250 smackers to get the car out of the impound lot. There is nothing fortunate about that!

But, the next day dawned bright and sunny, so I went with Vicki and some of our girls to a baby shower. Unfortunately (and you’ll never believe this), we had another tire blow out! Fortunately, we have cell phones and were able to call for a ride. “Bright and sunny” turned into “hot and stuffy” as we waited on the side of the busy freeway. Fortunately, our ride finally arrived and, one-by-one, we shifted everyone from one car to the other and drove away. Unfortunately, we soon realized that the shower was actually not until the next day.

Fortunately, we decided that since we were out, we would go visit grandma. Unfortunately, the Utah Highway Patrol did NOT want our vehicle on that freeway and impounded it. We had to hand over $159 smackers to get it out. Nothing fortunate about that, either!. Unfortunately, that put a big damper on our weekend plans.

Fortunately, that week is in the past!

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  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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