Salt Lake Tribune Interview on Our Polygamist Family

The local media is always the hardest to do and sometimes I am frustrated by it.

Ultimately, I have grown in my respect for this profession, for democracy to work effectively it is imperative that the media performs their roll honorably and fairly.

The reason local media is so difficult is because it is in our back yard, it is the most exposing, and it is the most cynical and critical. Besides, they usually think they know more about polygamy here than anywhere.

Unfortunately it is the confidence in their paradigm that seems to constrain their vision the most.

We did not know what do expect when the Salt Lake Tribune reporter showed up, would he have his own bias? How would he portray the book?

He was not very revealing in his assessment, but he remained polite and professional. As today came about and we finished our Sunday services, we were pleasantly relieved to see our family portrayed accurately and fairly.

We hope you enjoy the article here. In the end, we are not the Big Love family that people want to link us to, we are simply the Darger Family.

Read also the longer interview that they did in a separate and more encompassing article here.

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