She’s Got Talent!

The plaid fabric covering our dining room chairs was great in the nineties — and before 20 kids ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on them for years!

Old, tired nineties chair. New energized chair complete with plastic cover to protect the fabric. (I really related to the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding in which all the furniture was covered in plastic.)The chairs were in desperate need of a makeover, so Vicki, Valerie and I made a trip to the fabric store to pick something new to recover the seats and use for coordinating curtains. We agreed on a nice green fabric that seemed like it would be neutral enough to stay in style for a while.

But with our busy schedules, the fabric sat neatly folded in a corner and the chairs seemed doomed to live in the past. About four days ago, all that changed.

Vicki working on the chairsVicki looked at those chairs and said, “That is it, I am going to get those chairs finished!” And with that, she was off.

One of the things I really appreciate about Vicki is her determination. In three days, she had reupholstered 18 chairs — despite taking care of a 1-year-old baby, packing for a trip, getting boys to football practice and attending her sons’ concert. She is amazing! Maybe the curtains will catch her attention next!

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One Response to She’s Got Talent!

  1. Marie Nadine says:

    One Love Alina,

    Wow, I envy you! I need a a Vicky in my life.

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