Sisterwives Lawsuit To Move Forward

We have commented before about the states desire to dismiss the Sisterwives lawsuit against the State of Utah, and anticipated the ruling that came down yesterday. We certainly applaud the decision and look forward to the trial that will ensue, where facts and logic will prevail over the long standing tradition of persecution and domination of the people of our faith.

Sisterwives- Brown Family

Sisterwives- Brown Family

In a strongly worded opinion, Judge Waddoups declared, “The entirety of actions by the Utah County prosecutors tend to show either an ill-conceived public-relations campaign to showboat their own authority and/or harass the Browns and the polygamist community at large, or to assure the public that they intended to carry out their public obligations and prosecute violations of the law.” For the entire memorandum you can read it here.

That Utah County prosecuter, Jeff Buhman ( should we say Buhman’s Blunder) ever let this case get this far has to be frustrating to Mark Shurtleff and the rest of the establishment. We have long contended that they have known the law will not hold up to a constitutional challenge. However, from a public relations perspective, and from the point of view of keeping plural families like ours marginalized and from common acceptance it is important that the law is kept on the books.

It never had to be used for prosecution, except as an enhancement crime.  That way every time someone did something wrong that happened to be a polygamous they could highlight polygamy as criminal.  Instead, it only needed to stay on the books as a sort of moral code to keep our society conforming to the “traditional norms of marriage between one man and one woman.” After all, if we are decriminalized what’s next? Laws forbidding religious discrimination against us would have to be enforced, and heaven forbid if it is no longer against the law of the land polygamy may have to be practiced in the LDS Church. (Not that we seriously expect that to occur.)

Now we have a historic opportunity to challenge this long injustice. It puts the State in a very difficult position. The last word is that the Browns were still under investigation. If that is so what is there to investigate. That they “purport” to be married is shown to millions on TV.  If they insist the investigation is still continuing than it continues to play into the Brown’s hand as evidence of harm. They can always say we have concluded that the Browns do violate the statue but we will not prosecute, therefore admitting that the law must be repealed.

Either way the Attorney General and the Governor are let off the hook. They can make Utah County take the political heat.  The best thing for the State to do is to admit that the law is unconstitutional, that it should be repealed and move on out of peoples bedrooms. That would save the tax payers millions of dollars and send a clear message to all polygamous communities to no longer live in fear.

However, my bet is that they will not do so. They will fight the “moral” fight and lose, which will open up the way for a change unilaterally across all 5o states. Let’s continue to root for liberty and justice for ALL!


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11 Responses to Sisterwives Lawsuit To Move Forward

  1. Arleen Cromwell says:

    Congratulations to the Browns for the result so far and for their courage to bring the lawsuit. I hope for their sakes and for the sake of other Utahns such as me, they return to Utah where they belong.

  2. Tracy Roth-Myers says:

    As I see it you folks should not be harassed. You pay your taxes and live your lives just like ALL Americans do! It upsets me when I hear and read of good people getting bullied!

    • Alina says:

      Thank you Tracy, you have been a consistent and vocal supporter and we appreciate it. It takes more people like you to stand against the prejudice before it ever changes.

  3. Rella V. says:

    I was sooo thrilled to see this today!

  4. I am happy to see the law suit moving foward. As other’s have stated your family and the Browns live good lives, pay taxes and are productive members of society. The fact the Browns had to flee their home to remain a family without the threat of prosecution is sad to me.

    I hope the courts realize the unfairness of the laws in Utah, and other places can be repelled so familes like yours and the Browns can live their lives without fear of the goverment seeking legal action for loving each other

  5. Diane H. says:

    As a fan of the show and theBrowns, I am pleased to hear this news! I just finished reading your book and loved it. I wish we could stop the judgements people have against others who are law abiding citizens but choose a different lifestyle. It’s no one else’s business what goes on in the bedroom whether it is the bedroom of a polygamist, a monogamist, homosexuals or whatever!
    Between the Brown’s show and your book, I have learned so much about your lifestyle and I wish you and yours nothing but the best!

  6. This whole thing ticks me off…. for someone to be JUDGE how they should live and love. I think the people that should be under investigation are the serial monogamous people. I mean really, it’s ok to jump from 1 woman to another- have a bunch of kids, let the state take care of the families and say nothing but good gravy- have a family that truly love one another and want just love, happiness and family as one- why is that SO wrong!!!?????
    Judgment is not up to us- It’s up to God when that day comes!

    • Tiffany Marvin says:

      I have to agree with all the above comments, everyone should have the freedom to love and live as they please in no fear, I have supported your family from the beginning, and I hope to see changes on the state levels in our life times

  7. Cyndy Harrison says:

    Love should never be punished! Just because some catholics are bad dosen’t mean they are all shoved into the shadows of society. It is 2012 people we have bigger problems than policing people loves and the way they choose to live.

  8. Michael says:

    Religious freedom and the freedom of association are bedrock principles of our constitution and our country. The government has absolutely NO business attempting to regulate who marries whom, and in what numbers or genders.

    I *sincerely* hope that you, the Browns, and everyone else who wishes to marry or create unconventional families is left alone. There are far more serious things that the authorities need to be concerned with, and harassing decent law-abiding people is outrageous and I suspect will ultimately be held to be illegal.

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