Teenager Thoughts On My 43rd Birthday

ShadToday I turn 43. I feel very blessed with the family I have. My children bring me so much joy. If you are going to have a large family I think a good sense of humor is essential.

Having had 6 teenagers, and currently with another 10 in that stage we have come to learn some of the ways they think. While we must admit that our children are exceptionally well behaved and good teenagers, it seems that in their rapidly growing brains they look at life a little different. There is a saying that goes, “your actions speak louder than your words.” This is literally true, and though we confess this is our interpretation of the what goes on, we thought we would have fun with it. Feel free to add your own comments of what your teenagers have either said, or their actions betray their thoughts. :)

Here is our list of teenage musings:

“My parents listen to some awesome music, whether they like it or not!”Ashton

If at first you don’t succeed, blame it on your parents.

Screw the planet, save yourself.

Mom used to get offended when I used the word “puke.” But to me, that’s what her dinner tasted like.

I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.

I need someone real bad. Are you real bad?

Anything not nailed down is mine. Anything I can pry loose is not nailed down.

I may not be fast, but I sure am slow.

Ok, I am going to get home, eat dinner, do my homework, and get to bed early, so I can tweet all night long.

“We’re just friends.” I hope my parents don’t notice how much we hang out.

“Can I copy your homework. ”
“Yeah, but I don’t know if it is right.”
“I don’t care.”

You go ask my mom. “Why?” Because she won’t say no to you.

At age 8, “Time to go to bed.” “No!”
At age 18, “Time to get up.” “Nooo!”

I’m not lazy, I’m in energy saving mode.

I stay up late every night, and realize it was a bad idea every morning.

I’m going to open a store next to Forever 21 and name it Finally 22.

Decisions are the worst, its best not to make them.


” It’s ok, he was raised by only one mom.”

When the hormones really kick in: “I’m fine! I’m hate you! I’m in love! Come here! Get out of here! I want ice cream! I’m not hungry! I can’t sleep! I can’t get up! You never listen! I don’t want to talk about it.

Due Tomorrow= Do tomorrow.

In your bed: it’s 6:00, you close your eyes for 5 minutes, it’s 7:45. At school: it’s 1:30, you close your eyes for 5 minutes, its 1:31.

If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has more than 25 letters, so chill.

Why can’t adults be like Twitter, and limit themselves to 140 characters.

JedWhy read books, school is a waste of time, I can find anything I need on Wikipedia.

If its not on the first page of Google its not worth finding out.

I know I am wrong in this argument, but if I argue anyways long enough they will go away.

Best time to sleep is not when your tired, its after you wake up.

When I was little you said practice makes perfect, now you tell me no one is perfect. So I am going to quit practicing.






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7 Responses to Teenager Thoughts On My 43rd Birthday

  1. Liz says:

    Happy Birthday to you, from another 43 year old. :) Just finished your book, and when your precious Kyra is discussed and the fallout of the investigation, WOW. . . the raw emotion just jumped off the pages. :( Very well-written book; really sheds light on how a plural family and your culture work. Thank you for letting us in!

    Oh, and a saying that happens frequently at our house, courtesy of our 8-year-old (soon to be 9 on Saturday!): “Mom, would you stop zoning??”

    • Joe says:

      Thank you Liz, we continue to invite people into our lives. We hate having to be so public and so personal to get any credibility but it seems to be paying off and is rewarding when we get comments like yours. Nothing like an 8 year old to speak plainly! :)

  2. John Nomads says:

    Happy belated birthday Joe! I hope your special day was a good one.

  3. Misty Stidham says:

    Happy birthday Joe! My favorite was the Finally 22. Lol. I have an 8 year sister (I’m 26) one day while watching her at softball practice. She kept having to switch from Fielding to batting and I.said Abbi you’re making me tired with all this walking,. Her response? Go home then

  4. Mike Hamilton says:

    I briefly met you, Alina, Vicki, and Val at the SafetyNet conference on Friday. I brought home a book autographed by all 4 of you! Just stayed up late to finish it, underlining all that was of interest to me as an education researcher. Hope to meet with you all and learn more when next in Utah in October. My research focuses on educational values and practices among fundamentalist Mormons. Will contact you in advance to see if you are available through Ann Wilde, as you suggested. Thank you for a sincere and well-told story, and for the funny comments above (our “puny” family of 7 has had many of the same teenage moments!!).
    Mike Hamilton

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