“The Brady (Williams Polygamous) Bunch” and TLC

There has been quite a buzz about this new polygamous family coming out with yet another reality T.V. show on TLC. We are just as curious as everyone else about how their story will be portrayed on screen.

Unlike many of you however, we have already had the opportunity of making their acquaintance. And while we don’t yet know their life story, we have had enough interaction to see that they are a loving family.

In polygamy there are not usually “couples”. I call our family a “quad”.  What would one call the Williams with their union being made up of six? “Sixlets”??

We’ve had dinner with the Williams’ a couple of times and it’s been really enjoyable. I love relating our experiences with other families that live plural marriage. There is always some insight to gain when hearing another family’s story of how they came to be a family. Also, everyone seems to have their unique dynamics based on all the personalities that come together in a plural relationship.

Some of the wives are more talkative than others but they all seem to be super talented.  Several of them are taking college classes on top of caring for their families. They all seem to care about one another’s children and really value the sisterwife  relationship.

I, for one, am excited to watch the show!

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18 Responses to “The Brady (Williams Polygamous) Bunch” and TLC

  1. I enjoyed watching their story and felt they were very laid back and relaxed. The wives seemed VERY sweet & I liked seeing their areas in the home. I loved seeing him go from door to door in the morning…then he stubbed his foot…made me laugh!

  2. Crystal Ayala says:

    For the past 5 years or so I have been so intrigued by the polygamist family culture. I love reading about it through books, Internet, etc. I am actually in the process of reading your book right now. Very interesting in a good way. I don’t think I could ever share my husband with another woman but I love to see and hear polygamist wife’s perspectives. I actually did watch this show today. I have to say I felt a twinge of jealousy myself. God bless.

  3. Kate says:

    I found the show interesting, but it solidified one of the reasons why I think it was your family that I admired the most out of all that have been so far presented. I realize that the Husbands/Fathers in these relationships have a lot of demands on their time, at the same time though, it bugs the heck out of me when the Dads talk about how they can’t remember everybody’s anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Ever hear of a calendar? It makes it seem like they really aren’t that connected and aren’t taking full responsibility for the family that they created and are responsible for. Maybe you guys should consider giving classes on managing multiple relationship families!

  4. Brady Williams says:

    I sure do love the Darger’s! You guys are such a great example of love, friendship, and devotion.

  5. Janice says:

    I watched the show and I really liked them much better than the ‘Brown’s’. This family seems as though they are true to themselves and their religion. Very refreshing after watching the ‘Brown family’ fiasco.

    • Sara says:

      I am not defending any family over another, it really isn’t my business what any family practices in their home, but the William’s family left their church and are not particularly religious. I read in an article that they are using teachings of many religions to teach their children values and no longer go by the teachings of Joseph Smith. I find the Darger family to be most true to their religion and to the true concept of a plural family, so as a result I give them the most respect. One thing I don’t like about both the show Sister Wives and the special with the William’s is the amount of tears from the wives. I understand that we all cry at times, but it seems like these ladies are always on the verge of tears. Makes me a little sad for them. Hopefully, it is just editing and the fact that we see a microscopic part of their actual lives on TV that makes them appear much sadder than they really are.

  6. Kat Bliss-Tiemann says:

    I watched, and I don’t like them. I think they give an unfair perspective of this truth.

    My husband would NEVER insult me by leaving me to give “wake up kisses” and telling me he’d be back for breakfast. I would NEVER wait 14 years before becoming agitated that I couldn’t spend my husband’s birthday with him. They give us a bad name… all of us.

    You can call the Brown family a “fiasco,” and I respect that. But the Browns brought us into the mainstream. They opened this conversation.

    What we do with this conversation is up to us

  7. Judith LaBonte says:

    what i’m wondering is if it was only a one-time or one episode production. As this Sunday -9/22/13 – the season finale for Sister-wives, i thought they had said was going to be a 2 hour show and then next Sun – 10/6/13 – the seasons switch and Long Island Medium is going to be on Sun. nights again. (Could you get two more different subject matters on at the same time-frame? But maybe not as Spiritualism is also a religion, not generally understood or tolerated!) So it seems to me, there is no time slot for future episodes of Me and My 5 Wives! (Unless i’m missing something – which is always possible!)

  8. lacy says:

    I didn’t know there would be a new show, I am excited to see it now! I wish my family could move to a more polygamist open area, we don’t have any sister wives yet,but I am always praying God will send someone our way. We are talking about going to a Mormon church in town, though they don’t believe in the principle. I hope the best for all polygamist families, and hope some day my family could actually meet some of yours. Bless you all so much for being true to yourselves!

  9. Johnnomads says:

    In mono relationships a couple is descriptive, my wives and i are a triad, 4 would be a quad and 5 are usually called a W. I humbly submit that 6 could be a double V.

  10. Heidi says:

    Just wonder what really makes the women desire plural marriage. Seems there must
    be a secret I’m not getting, the daily maintenance of one marriage sometimes overwhelms me and the couples a lot of times refer to the Bible. Quite a few
    of the plural marriages in the Bible where rift with tensions and some had grave outcomes. Those were the ones where they went ahead of God’s leading such as David where he took more wives and God was none too pleased. No where that i’ve read does God demand a person to have more than one spouse in order to
    be eligible for Heaven. He does want us to give our hearts to Him which is everyones own personal decision, a decision so immeasurably fulfilling and peaceful.

  11. Nina Richard says:

    Unfortunately the only opinion I have of them comes from a snippet on YouTube lasting all of 4 minutes (give or take). Of course I know the full appreciation of their family dynamics can’t be determined from that tiny glimpse into a portion of their lives but still I am left with an opinion that is not as positive of one that I have formed for other families that have been televised (I like the National Geographic depiction of Cenntinal Park polygamy).

    The defining part for me was watching the “birthday kisses”. It appeared to be an awkward and uncomfortable (as well as unnecessary) display of affection. The wives to include the one being showered with kisses all appeared uncomfortable. That display too me took away from the respect aspect that the individual marriages are suppose to have which was one thing that I admired about the Darger family. They consciously make the effort to consider the other wives feelings. A good morning kiss is one thing but a constant shower of “40 kisses” tipped the scale towards “too much”. Nonetheless, it’s a tradition they have and who am I to say the level of respect it may or may not carry within their family. If they like it, I love it.

    I have an incredible admiration for the Darger family. Although I do not ascribe to the Mormon beliefs (I am a non-denominational Christian in love with Jesus Christ who intercedes on my behalf daily to my Heavenly Father), I truly feel that their family resembles the love of Jesus Christ. The fact that one family can draw an unbeliever in and that unbeliever can identify with the Holy Spirit they are following, is a true testament of a biblical foundation, principles and the power of God. Through the Darger’s stepping out and sharing their family, I have been able to understand how plural marriage can allow one person to become a better person & draw closer to the personal perfection of Jesus Christ within themselves. Although we as flesh will never obtain perfection, we are instructed to continuly work out salvation with fear and trembling in order to be that church without a spot of blemish. For me that work towards salvation & eternal life comes through other challenges overcome and for them it comes through plural marriage. Their family continues to affirm my belief that there is one God, one Son and the Holy Ghost.

  12. Jamie says:

    That’s all.
    I have officially outgrown this whole mindset. I have received a powerful spiritual confirmation that this is not of God. How grateful I am that I can choose to become more like Jesus without the need to buy into this mindset.

  13. Christina says:

    You people are really sick. GOD WILL JUDGE YOU ALL. FILL SORRY FOR YA AND THE KIDS.

    • Joe says:

      We hope God does judge us as we believe it is His place to do so and apparently yours too.

    • Chelsea Justice says:

      Being thst you are not God himself , I believe you should leave the judging to him. Let he who be without sin cast the first stone.Not that I believe polygamy is actually a sin.Im sure if you had cameras in your house watching everything that you do many people would have opinions of what you are doing wrong.

    • Noelle says:

      I agree they are sick!!!as well as Sister Wives and the Williams .Its one husband and 3 4 or 5 Mistresses

  14. Roger Smith says:

    All ya’ll are cray, yo.

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