The Dreaded Dishes at the Darger’s!

If there is one job our kids greatly disdain it is dishes.  We have the kitchen split up between 4 jobs:

Wash dishes (which includes clearing one of the counters)

Dry and put away dishes (which includes clearing the other counters, wiping the stove, microwave and prep sink)

Floors and garbage (which includes sweeping, vacuuming the rugs, mopping when necessary, taking out the trash, and taking out the chicken slop buckets)

Clear and wipe off tables.

The way our household chores are set up, they do one job for a whole week and then rotate the the next job on the list.  So, dishes comes around about every ten weeks, which I figure isn’t too bad.  But the kids sometimes think it is a violation of the Child Labor Act.  We tried splitting it up more and adding more people but found it just caused more problems, mainly people waiting on other people to get their part done, and it was too much managing arguments, etc. for us. One thing we haven’t been consistent enough on is making sure the kids rinse their own dish and load it, especially for snacks.  It would take patrolling the area full time to make sure that happened.  The kids like to complain about it when their job is dishes, but when it’s not I don’t see them doing it earnestly. I know that many of them do it when they go to friends’ homes because their parents often tell me…go figure.

Just the other day, when Logan was washing the dishes a friend came over and wanted Logan to hang out with him.  Of course I wouldn’t let him go until the dishes were done, so the friend did like any real friend would do and got in and helped him with the mountain Logan still had left.  (I think he was procrastinating a bit.)  The friend started saying things like “I can’t believe this is a one-person job!” and “You would be here all night if I wasn’t here!” I told him I was going to take a picture of him doing it and send it to his mom.  His eyes widened as he said “No!  Then she’ll know I’m capable!”   I decided to spare him. But I am now rethinking that.  I am thinking if other kids had to do chores like our kids do they would just think it was normal and the world would be a better place, at least at our house.

The other jobs at our house:

Upstairs Bathroom

Downstairs Bathroom

Family Room



Laundry (Fold Towels)

We have a list of exactly what needs to be done it each area and if that doesn’t get done they are not supposed to play outside, play with friends, go anywhere, play in their room, watch movies or play any computer or video games of any sort…you get the idea.

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5 Responses to The Dreaded Dishes at the Darger’s!

  1. Liz says:

    Gads, asking kids to do chores is like demanding one of their kidneys or limbs, for pete’s sake. *eyeroll* We’re on a strike system with our girls–three strikes for an infraction (not getting a chore done, fighting, lipping off) and they lose a privilege like a playdate or sweet treat.

  2. Kathy says:

    I love hearing about your day to day lives. Having such a big family makes life very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  3. Julie Owens says:

    Don’t you love the line “You only had kids so you wouldn’t have to do any work!” I used to get that one a lot before my kids all grew up.

  4. Penny says:

    Logan’s friend, the one you referred to, came home that night and told me the same story. ;)

  5. John Nomads says:

    Sounds a lot like our family, except we have 2 households. The youngest who’s still at home, says he never gets a break, but he loves it.

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