The Mighty Sequoyah Performance At Rooftoop Concert

Last Friday we attended one of the last concerts that my son Caleb will be doing. His music is available at HERE for any of you who wish to listen or support him. Since he will be leaving soon for and LDS Church mission to Taiwan I will not get to hear him so it makes it all the more special.

The photographer is Justin Hackworth who is amazing. He took some of the pictures we have posted here to share in the flavor of the event. The concert was held on top of the parking garage in downtown Provo with the beautiful mountains in the background which made for an incredible setting.

It was one of the magical moments that I just got to soak up and enjoy as a parent. I am so proud of him not only for the music but for the human being he is. Thanks goes to C. Jane Kendrick, Justin Hackworth and the city of Provo for putting on such an event an sharing the moment with us. Justin does the pictures for her blog and we would love to have his talents adorn our blog more often.

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3 Responses to The Mighty Sequoyah Performance At Rooftoop Concert

  1. Tracy Roth-Myers says:

    Dargers, your son is rockin it! ;) Really cool!

  2. Marsa M. says:

    I wish we could’ve attended! What a blessing for those who could go! :)

  3. Kari Kirkland says:

    The views in the background are fab!! Look at those mountains!! We just don’t have those views here in Texas!

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