Why “My Three Wives” Special On TLC

Since we published Love Times Three in the fall of 2011, we have stated several reasons for our activism (see earlier posts). The injustice of criminalizing our family, our lifestyle and thousands of people like us occur by allowing the past to constrain who we are.  Our family has simply not been willing to remain quiet any longer.

Tonight you will see a very personal portrayal on TLC’s show My Three Wives. (The show with air December 18, 10pm ET/8pm MT on TLC, for those who are watching on Xfinity cable, it will be on Channel 30, TLC-W at 11pm MT and 1am MT). The show captures a moment as we discuss our daughter Kyra, who passed away nearly 12 years ago. She is still the inspiration behind all we do. We first wrote Love Times Three hoping to share our story in a dignified and deliberate way.  Our desire was two-fold, as a tribute to Kyra’s memory, and so our children and other families like us could live freely, without fear.

Since the publishing of our book, we have grown even closer as a family. While we have experienced some negativity, overwhelmingly people have understood the message and really get the idea that families, which are free to construct together in love, are not threatening.

Recently, we have watched as the Warren Jeff’s led, FLDS sect continues to implode with such travesty and human cost. It has become increasingly apparent that what he represents is not about polygamy, it is about abuse and control. When any segment of society is criminalized, the opportunity exists for unscrupulous manipulation of a population through fear. If the criminal status of polygamy is removed from the equation, abuse can be dealt with as abuse.

We admire the Brown’s valiant lead forward in their legal case now before the Utah courts. The injustice they have endured because of the law is a common theme in our culture. In spite of the “different” family structure, the show Sister Wives has been very successful.  At the end of the day, the Browns are together because they love each other and choose to stay committed, which is something everyone can understand.

While we often find it difficult to be public, Alina, Vicki, Valerie and I understand if we allow others to define us, we do not have a choice. Twelve years ago, as we dealt with the pain of our loss, we hoped to cause a change in the way plural families were treated in our home town and state. We never imagined ourselves writing a book or going on national television. We choose to be public now because for us, it is not about entertaining. It is about freedom; it is about faith, and it is about our family. We are a family not because the state says we are, not even because a ceremony proclaimed it as such; we are a family because in our love of one another, we have declared our commitment to each other and to our children.

Thank you for your prayers, your support and your love. The comments, emails, words of encouragement, and care sent from around the world have touched our family and made all the difference for us in sharing our story. We hope you enjoy our documentary, and more importantly we ask you to join us in spreading a message of love and freedom for all people, and for strengthening families however they are constructed.

Joe with 6 of his 11 boys, Tavish, Caleb, Jed, Samuel, Grayson, Joseph



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  1. Connie Wilson says:

    Looking forward to your show on TLC, I have enjoyed watching the Brown family sharing and educating people about their lifestyle, so different from my lifestyle. I am Caucasian and married to a African American and what I know is everyone deserves the right to happiness no matter what lifestyle they choose. Thank you for sharing a bit of your family with all of America, hopefully through education it will stop ignorance and closeminded hatred. Sincerely Connie Wilson

  2. Margaret Peters says:

    ” . . . allowing the past to constrain who we are.” This is so true. I so admire your family for your courageous act of “stepping up to the plate,” in full view. For some of us, it is so ingrained to hover around the edges of life, to be silent and invisible. But I long to be free to be who I am. If there is any dormant courage within me, it stirs with your words. God bless all of you!

  3. Serena says:

    I have done a lot of thought about this and come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter which faith you follow – there is always someone whom uses it to his/hers personal goals. And it is always that one person whom drags down everyone else within that faith, with him/her. Innocent people gets punished because of it. It is so NOT fair. But to change that I think the human way of putting a label on everything – will have to change. And I fear it will not happen anytime soon.

    However hundreds of years ago no one thought that woman would ever be allowed to vote. Nor that colored and white people would be allowed to go to school together. So who knows – maybe about hundred years from now religous freedom will be more than just a few words on a piece of paper.

  4. Prehnite says:

    Really dumb question: Do you pronounce precious Kyra’s name as “Kye-ra” or “Kee-ra”? I want to know I’m saying her name in my head the correct way. Can’t wait to see your special, too.

    Another really dumb question: Does it take a ton of financial planning to make sure that you have all the funds necessary to get Christmas gifts for all those beautiful children? Santa must need several sleighs for just your family. :)

    • Joe says:

      It is Kee-ra , like Kiera Knightly. Thanks for asking. It does take financial planning but not what you might think. Christmas is more about family time than it is gifts.

  5. Jackie Smith says:

    I’m looking forward to getting to know your family a little more. I have been watching the Brown Family and have gotten to meet Kody, Meri and Robyn and they are the some of the sweetest people I have met. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Best wishes. Love, Jackie

  6. karen says:

    I am interested to see how your family operates and what your real values are. Unlike the other “plyg” trainwreck on TLC, I am looking forward to seeing another family in this lifestyle and maybe learning what being in a large loving family is really like.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Looking forward to your special. It has been refreshing to see the Browns open the eyes of the public to the happiness they have in their home. While yes, like EVERY marriage, there are struggles and you see the same arguments about money and time and balance, they show that they aren’t monsters, but just a family.
    But like every family, theirs is unique. It’s hard, sometimes, to understand that because they are the polygamists we see, theirs is not the only way to be happy in a polyg family. I could tell from your appearance on their show that you guys have a vastly different approach to happiness and I’m really excited to see it.
    Thank you for being so brave. There are many of us that support you. There were times, not so long ago, that woman weren’t considered equal, blacks weren’t considered equal….gays are just starting to come to a place where people are opening their hearts to them. I hope that you and the Browns and the families who come after you are breaking ground to public awareness of the different types of families and happiness the world has. I hope that America begins to open their hearts to accept you and your family has the happy family that you are. I know their are bad polygamist sects that give your belief a bad reputation. It is the same for all religions in a way. Every extremist Christian or Jew or Muslim or Atheist doesn’t speak for all of the individuals who share there beliefs in common.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your story. I hope it will open my mind more.

    • Rebecca says:

      You’d think I would proofread. Sorry for those atrocious “there” and “their” mistakes. Also at one point “has” was supposed to be “as”.

  8. JanetH says:

    am looking forward to watching the TLC show about your family. Takes so much courage to come out publicly like all of you have done.If in some ways it stops ppl from generalizing &lumping all ‘plyg’ fams into the same sinking boat as the FDLS/Jeffs disaster then hopefully it’s a worthwhile sacrifice. I applaude your honesty-love doesn’t weaken you it’s making you all stronger.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    TLC should do a series about your family! Enjoyed the doc, book, and appearance on “Sister Wives.” Putting your family out there shows people that your lifestyle is working for you and you all seem happy and normal. Definitely raises awareness. Thanks for sharing, and wishing you all the best.

  10. Rachel Jessop says:

    Love all of you! So proud of you and what you stand for. May Kyra’s kiss be felt on your cheek each night before you go to sleep, for she truly has touched and will continue to touch so many peoples lives.

  11. lindsey says:

    l am so excited you have a special on TLC. Love your family. When I saw you guys on the sister wives episode, I was hoping they would show you guys on tv again. Best of wishes and congrats on the show. Please keep them coming.

  12. Crystal Marcela Sanchez says:

    I just finished watching your special and am hoping I get to see more of your family :) I watched HBO’s Big Love and when it ended I was so sad. I fell in love with the Brown family and when you all came on their show I told my husband I hope you all became a show of your own. I hope this is where TLC is going with this special and that you all agree. I love the idea of sister wives and even though I am Catholic and wish I could have them. A big family like yours seems so wonderful to have. Thank you for letting the public share your daughter’s wedding. I wish her and you all the VERY best :)

  13. Sandy says:

    I watched your show last night. It was a pure pleasure to see such a loving affectionate plural family. It was like watching the complete opposite of Sister Wives. While every family has it’s issues and problems, I applaud all 4 of you, for building such a wonderful loving family. I’m glad I decided to stay up and watch My Three Wives.

    • Kari Kirkland says:

      I agree. It would appear that the Brown’s don’t show as much affection as this family does. I am sure it is their own personal choice. I DO like to see it. It shows what it is about, LOVE & Family. I could clearly see the love in this family. The interacted the way my husband & I do. Playfully giving a pat on the butt during exercise time is something everyday couples do, and it was refreshing to see this. I was also excited about watching the wives cook for the children. That is something I don’t see on SisterWives alot. I prefer to see stuff about the everyday living, more than financial stuff. I want to see HOW and WHAT YOU COOK. What a shopping trip at the store is like. The kids schedules and how you plan to make sure each kid gets to places. I really hope to see more of you soon!

      • Ashley says:

        I agree! I was literally passing through the channels today and I have watched episodes of sister wives and enjoyed it but, watching that “workout” Scene you guys had got me hooked. I loved how all 4 of you were in there! Your family is beautiful, healthy, and loving toward one another. I also liked seeing Alina prank Val with the wedding stuff. I honestly look forward to watching the rest of the season. Best of Luck!

  14. J.M. says:

    I really enjoyed watching your special last night! Thank you for allowing us into your home. It’s so nice to see a man take respectful and affectionate leadership of his family!

  15. Linda says:

    It is nice to see you stand up for your right in this country to freedom of religion

  16. I have been following you on twitter and reading your blog for sometime. It was great to be able to watch you tv and seeing how your family interacts with each other. You seem like you are all well rounded people. I wish you and your family well! hope you don’t mind but I did a review about your show on my blog!

  17. Jen says:

    I enjoyed the show very much. I do watch the Brown family, but lately I find it boring and very staged. Mostly I think because they live is different houses, and they put themselves out there but really are guarded about most subjects. I found your show much more natural and genuine.

    Good luck.

  18. Kat says:

    The show was awesome. Thank you for sharing your family, your struggles and your love.

  19. Terra says:

    Loves the show! I would much rather get to know the Dargers than the Browns. The Dargers really seem to have it together! I wish I just knew which kids belonged to who?

  20. Brandy says:

    Will your special be airing again? I missed it! I saw you guys on Sister Wives and would love to see the special about your family.

  21. Alyssa says:

    I have to say that I started watching Sister Wives to get an idea of what life in a polygamist family was really like. Going into it, ill admit I was a bit skeptical because I had never “seen” this type of lifestyle before, and the only things I had ever heard were not good. Once I began to watch, I saw a family that was so filled with love and dedication. I saw children who were all so very close and so well taken care of. In each episode you were able to see happiness. I was never raised to judge others, I was taught to love and accept those who had different beliefs or backgrounds. I understand not everyone feels the same way, however, when you see a family that has had to struggle just in order to love one another and follow their beliefs its hard to understand how anyone would ever disapprove of it. Then came your family’s appearance on the show with the Browns and I immediately loved all of you! I was again intrigued by how another large polygamous family with multiple wives (two being sisters) worked. After only a few minutes of your family being on camera, again I could sense this overwhelming love. Your family is so organized and seems wonderful when it comes to planning things. But at the end of the day when all of the work is done, there is nothing more important to all of you than the love you all have for one another and all of the children in the family. I watched your special on TLC last night and loved it. It was such a beautiful journey through your daughters wedding and it’s wonderful you could share that with the world. I wish your family would also have their own show, because like the Brown family, you want nothing but the absolute best for yourselves and your children. No one has the right to tell any of you how to live your lives or what you can or cannot believe. No one has the right to put limits and boundaries on your faith. I cannot tell you how courageous you all are to come out in the open and not only show the world who you are and how you live but openly express your love for each other. I feel saddened by the fact that its 2012 and there are still rules and regulations on who you can marry and how you have to live life. You have a beautiful family and I wish you all the very best. Keep living and loving one another as much as possible. At the end of the day our family and faith are all that matters!!

    • Karen BR says:

      What a lovely post, Alyssa. I agree with you. I wish only the best and God’s boundless love for both the Browns and Dargers. And all families who truly love and protect and cherish their children and spouses. In our sad world, there just isn’t enough love being given and there is way too much judgment. If we could only step to the side of our pre-conceived views and see peoples’ hearts and intent.

    • Joe says:

      Powerful words, thank you for expressing. Not only you but the many people who have reached out. It has been overwhelming. We feel blessed and humbled to be able to be in the living rooms of so many people. It was not easy sharing such an intimate part of our lives. When we agreed to film the special we had a lot of other things being filmed and then the wedding and things with Rob and Amanda took such a turn of events while we were filming during this time that we decided to open that up to share a very real and stressful event. People always ask if we give our kids choice, meaning letting them live another relationship outside of polygamy. We of course do and have. Having to deal with a relationship we were not part of while were filming really caused us to pause and know what we were about. We are so glad we did and got to share the experience. We did not expect the wedding to go like it did at first but it turned out so wonderful, and we really got a relationship with Rob and Amanda(again) that we would not have had.

      We are grateful to all those who have been supportive. We find opening our lives up and giving up anonymity is not easy for us and we really don’t need the money or the fame to do more shows. We are encouraged by the positive feedback and the impact our message has had on the world. It is not just about accepting polygamy, it is about acceptance. If we all can see that we don’t have to agree with one another to accept one another the world would be a much more workable and loving world.
      In the end we will keep living and loving one another as much as possible, and clinging to our faith and our family, for it is what matters to us.
      God Bless

  22. Cecilia says:

    I watched your show last night and I have to say….I like it much more than the Sister Wives. A lot of things went unanswered though. Just wondering if all 24 kids are Joe’s or did your last wife have kids from a previous marriage? Is the series going to continue? I hope so, enjoyed it very much.

  23. sherry says:

    This is such a great show already. I believe in loving your spouse no matter if there is one wife or many. I am not a polig but I love the idea and love how you all make it work. Keep up the good work and all of the love that you share for eachother.

  24. gina says:

    Hi Joe,i like the show alot because it showed love,respect,planning,honesty,and most of all it showed family.i lived on a small island,named harkers island,witch had around,10 churchs and one norman church and most people lived there didn’t like them,except for me,they where family,love,honesty, witch the other people didn’t have.i love the church. alot but my family never let me attend church there.I remember saying one day i will go,now I’m 45 now and i can’t find any normans churches where i live now,and that’s sad.i have even thought about moving,i have want a family like you have for years but it just seem so hard to find that here,you and the family is great loving,so never let mans law changes that,You and your family is great,just keep god in your hearts

  25. gina says:

    I have my own bz as well, its great to see a family that can work together like yours.i wish and pray one day i can find people a family like yours…

  26. Keri says:

    Is this just a one time special or are you going to have a series?

  27. Tonya says:

    I’m a liberal Catholic living in the Bible belt. I have an openly gay brother-in-law and his partner is “Uncle Jim” to my kids. My extended family is full of interracial marriages. I GET being judged for your beliefs, likely not the extent that you do, but nonetheless, I get it.

    My husband and I are about your age and married about the time you did the first time. While I cannot even imaging sharing him, who am I to judge what works for someone else? And from what we saw on your show, it works. So more power to you!

    What I saw, once I pushed aside the major differences in your beliefs and mine…..was LOVE. Love of one another, love of the children, the children’s love for each other. In addition, I saw structure, respect, peace and a happy home. If I’m going to judge how others live, particularly in respect to the effects had on children, you all certainly aren’t on my radar.

    I commend you for putting yourselves out there. I am fascinated by other cultures, other lifestyles, other choices. Education is one key to eliminating intolerance, and your family’s special helped educate. I really like the Browns, but I think a view of a family very different than them is good. Whether it’s editing or reality, their family
    doesn’t seem to “work” which saddens me, and in the end, I think they are doing more harm than good as far as attempting to prove that “love should not de divided”.

    Wow. I’ve totally hijacked your blog! :) Merry Christmas to you all!

  28. Michelle says:

    I watched the special and I was very impressed how wonderful your family comes together. Watching the special has changed what I have learned and read about polygamist! Joe-You have some remarkable wives and children. You all are truely blessed.

    Happy Holidays!

  29. Kim Nash says:

    Watched the special on your family…you are all amazing!!! You have a lovely family and I wish you all the best. I developed an interest in pologmy when I lived in Mesquite, NV back in the early 90′s…I was working at the Peppermill and some of the people from Colorado City use to come into the restaurant…you could always tell them, as the women all had long dresses, etc. I use to think all pologymist were like that…and then came “Big Love”…I was addicited. I’m glad to know that there are families like yours and the Brown’s out there. To all of you I hope you acheive changing the laws so you can all live in freedom and not have to look over your shoulder.
    I do have a couple questions: Do all your wives have their own bathroom’s?, and do you follow the LDS with the typical 2 year food storage…how would that work with such a large family?
    Hope to see more of your family…hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

    Kim Nash
    Las Vegas, NV

  30. Noel says:

    My thoughts on the Darger family.

    First, I’d like to say I was a HUGE fan of Big Love. I didn’t know that the show was inspired by your family. But I can see it, a handsome husband with 3 attractive wives, living in modern society. Neat!

    I also want to say that Joe certainly came across (in the documentary) as a man and father not just invested in his wives but also very much his children. When he found out that his daughter had gotten engaged via a facebook status, he was clearly hurt and trying to hold back tears. He was also there to provide comfort for his wife, who was also devastated. They desperately want to be included in her life, I was so happy when they chose to have the wedding at the Darger house. I hope she is including them more in her life now.

    I also admire Alina so much. She has somehow worked towards the ability to be productive, content and happy after losing her daughter. That ability doesn’t come naturally, it takes a lot of courage and work just to get out of bed. Losing a child is the most devastating soul stealing event anyone could experience. I don’t care how many children you have, the pain is the same. You’re a remarkable woman, Alina.

    There is so much more to this family then a man getting to be with three beautiful women. And it’s so annoying that is pretty much all the interviewers can concentrate on. “Oh Joe, how do you have the stamina, har har har.” That has got to get so old for Joe. I really do feel bad for him, because it really degrades the immense amount of work it takes to financially, spiritually and emotionally support 3 wives and so many children.

    It is obvious to me that Dad and Moms provide very well for their family. They all look healthy, they have a beautiful house, well dressed, beautiful and talented kids and upon the kids moving out seem to lead successful lives. This is a testimony to doing something right, or a lot things right, actually.

    It’s painful to hear that their children have to suffer ridicule and scorn because of their lifestyle. This family seems so innocent to me, they just want to live their lives according to their faith and they aren’t hurting anyone. The children are free to chose the spiritual path they want. I’m sure the parents aren’t happy some of their children chose to leave their faith. What parent would be? But they are affording them that choice without being punished by shunning.

    I adore this family. It works for them and they seem content. I am looking forward to reading their book so I can learn more about the inner workings of their family. Instead of the whole sex thing, who sleeps where and with whom blah, blah, blah. I wish I could interview them!

    Keep your heads held high Dargers, you have a lot to be proud of! I’m rooting for your continued success and happiness.


    • Joe says:

      Very insightful and thoughtful comments. It is nice to know when people really understand the depth of relationship involved. Best Wishes to you.

  31. Didi says:

    I enjoyed your show. I really like the entire family living under one roof. Moms each have their own rooms, and all the kids share rooms depending on age and gender, just like any regular family would do. They live like brothers and sisters. That is the way I grew up. The Browns are a very interesting family too, but they are more like Step-familys. The sister wives do not share any family responsibilities. Each mom seems to be constantly fighting for their children. Mary is more concerned with getting her fair share of the money pot because it is not her fault that she did not have more children. I think she had many beautiful children she is just too selfish to see it and for that, they all have to suffer. That is not a real family. That is Dad having three separate wives and homes. One big home, sharing everyday life would eliminate so much of the money problems and jealousy.

    • Vicki says:

      Just like in monogamous families, plural families have all types that works. It is easy to see the benefits of living together, but for many that is too challenging given the personalities involved. Thank you for your warm words though.

  32. JTM says:

    Darger Family-
    First off I would like to say how seeing your family is nothing short of a breath of fresh air! Many families that have their lives aired on television seem fake and distant, but seeing y’all and the way you interact is amazingly wonderful. The glitz and glamour does not and I do not feel as though it could even begin to take away the true love that is present and evident in each of the wives as well as in Joe. Now to the real reason for posting: With many obstacles in your daily lives like negativity from outsiders to the fear of breaking the law, how do you get past these things to, from what I have seen, live a very connected and functional life despite the disapproval from a plethora of people?

  33. Lynne says:

    Thank you for your bravery in becoming public with your lifestyle. It seems that this sect of America has been been continually discriminated against, whereas other groups have grown equal, through their fight to become equal. It seems that the privacy, although completely understandable, has caused this to go on as long as it has. I applaud you for coming forward, and educating the general population. I, personally, never knew anything about plural marriage, except for the negative connotations, until Sister Wives started airing. I have since read your book, and am saddened that society has been so cruel to your lifestyle. As a Protestant, I have a marriage that is of one man and one woman, but as an American Citizen, I am 100% behind your right to freely and publicly live your religious beliefs. I do have a question. I missed your special on TLC, “My Three Wives,” and would like to know where I can watch it now. Are there any links to this video? Thank you and my good wishes for you and the future of your equality.

  34. Deb says:

    I absolutely LOVE the show My Three Wives. I love that you all are not afraid to be affectionate with each other in front of each other and that the wives do not appear to be keeping a tally…oh he hugged her more than me, etc but you just LOVE..period, that you do so much together and that you live under one roof. I love how you come together as a unit to accomplish so much. No, I am not a polygamist but I believe that you should have the right to love and live as you want.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your child a few years back. I send prayers and much caring your way.

  35. Jen says:

    I just finished watching your special. I had seen the episode of your family on Sister Wives and I really wanted to see more of how your family runs. I come from a very small town in Canada where there is very little diversity. I am always eager to learn about other people’s beliefs and cultures.
    Hearing about the loss of your daughter breaks my heart. That anyone would be treated that way simply because of their choice to be in a marriage with multiple people sickens me. No human being deserves to be treated that way especially in the face of tragedy.
    Thank you so much for opening up your lives for the world to see. Since watching the Browns and now your family, my eyes and brain have been opened. I wish you nothing but happiness in your lives.
    One more thing, how long has it actually been since the wedding took place? Have Amanda and Rob settled into married life yet?

    • Joe says:

      I just put a post updating about Rob and Amanda. They are doing well and have settled in to routine. Thank you for expressing your open mind and your touched heart. It makes opening up worth it. Happy New Year to you!

  36. Diane says:

    Hello to all the of Darger family!
    Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!
    Thank you for showing another side of a family lifestyle. I agree with all the of posts that state a freedom to live your beliefs.
    From my point of view your special showed a very real side of life. I could see a little tension here and there, I also saw the many ways that the tension was released, in very positive ways!
    It is very obvious that you ALL love and like each other ; that you all have made very great efforts to create such a positive, loving, and caring home.
    Your family has a good balance. That is a great thing to see.
    I’d like to thank you for sharing such a private precious moment as the marriage of your daughter, sharing the concern of all parents as their children move into a life of their own.
    I do have some advice, after watching the Brown’s; I think I would keep to specials. Of course this is coming from a protective person, who wants the best for positive roles models in todays world.
    God Bless you all.

  37. rachel says:

    Ive been trying to find out if “my three wives” was just a special or if it will be a reacurring show. I want more!! Please let me know

    • Joe says:

      At this point it is just a special. While the network undoubtedly has an interest in a series we have been cautious to commit to such. The money hardly makes up for the time, the loss of privacy, and the possible harm to our family that such shows can bring. We have been on a mission to bring about change in criminalizing our family and on inspiring families to work and people to be more tolerant and loving. The reach of television as a medium to accomplish such goals is undeniable. For now we have felt a special was the best way to share our message and we have determined not to make any decisions upon further media projects until we have had time to digest these factors. We rather like our life the way it was before TV. Thank you for sharing and for your support and we will use this blog to continue to update and inform people of future projects.

  38. Kim says:

    I missed the documentary. Is there somewhere online I could watch?

  39. Erin says:

    Yes, please do share a link to view the TLC Special, “My Three Wives,” online as I am also unable to view it on TV. Thank you!

  40. Jamie says:

    I’ve been a member of the LDS church my whole life and have ancestors who practiced polygamy. I use to think I could never do it. Watching Sister Wives made me think that I could. Watching you guys makes me want to! I’m joking with my husband now about finding us a bigger home for his new wives. Seriously though, I can see why it would be an eternal principle that requires so much more from a person than a regular relationship. I’m impressed with how well you guys do it. I kinda wish it would come back to the mainstream church now.

  41. missy says:

    I was wondering if maybe you’d know how I can get sisterwives. I have had a calling that this is the life for me and where I’d be happiest in life. I don’t know anyone that lives this lifestyle but I do know where I’m feeling like I belong. The only problem is I don’t know the family in real life. So what I’m wondering is if any of you have any idea on what I should do. The feeling that I have about belonging to this family is so overwhelming. It’s like I’m being pushed by heavenly father. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  42. Chris Nystrom says:

    Loved the show. Thank you for opening up your family for all to see. I have always thought that even monogamous couples can learn a lot from polygamists about love and family. I would certainly watch more specials or show if you cared to do them, but I certainly understand your reluctance. Best wishes in whatever you decide to do.

  43. Chris Nystrom says:

    P.S. Fabulous picture! :)

  44. Maureen says:

    I’ve searched everywhere online to catch the TLC special but all I find are clips, including the link you guys provided on here :( . I found out about the show because I caught the last few moments of it as it was the show right before my beloved Sisterwives. I have to admit that I’ve been fascinated with that show since it first aired. Please help direct me as to where to find a copy, or better yet a live link to view the whole special. I have ATT Uverse and nothing pops up when I do a search for the show :( . By the way, kudos for your courage to show the world that there is nothing to fear about loving, alternative lifestyles. I believe that the world needs every little bit of exposure to help desensitize society to bring more understanding and compassion to everyone, no matter what their choices shall be. As long as nobody is harmed, and in your case, quite the opposite, I feel everyone, especially your children deserve equality and acceptance. Many blessings to your family!

    • Alina says:

      It is not available online, and I suspect TLC will replay it again soon. If we hear we will post it. Thank you for your kind words. We are kind of soaking things right now and adjusting to the increased exposure we have endured.

  45. Tammy says:

    If having your own show is something you are open to, then i do i hope it comes!!! Love your family :) …… And How brave you all are!!

  46. Lori says:

    Is there a link to the TLC special online somewhere or will it be replayed on TLC? I missed the original airing but would like to view it if it is online or if it replays. Thank you!

  47. Rachel Wolbrink says:

    Love your blog!!! Wondering where i can watch/purchase a copy of the show as i cannot find it anywhere online and was out of the country when it aired?

  48. Doug says:

    I just finished your book. Thank you all for your willingness, convictions and courage to share of yourselves, your lives and your stories.

    One thing seems fairly certain: none of you are doing this because it is easier!

    “A Man who loves you always has a place in his heart for you, just because he loves other people, that doesn’t mean his love diminishes for you. It’s the same capacity a mother (and a father) has for her different children.”
    This resonated with me. I’ve never felt, agreed with or even understood really this idea that if one loves someone, that there is no more room in our hearts for and that we can’t or won’t love others. Entirely unrealistic and frankly not really something even healthy to try to obtain. I can understand that many are unable to live poly, but I feel that this attitude and the actions stemming from it just diminishes us all.

    You have consciously created and work/ed very hard at creating healthy, vital nurturing and support Family environment where everyone thrives as individuals and grows in and has the support of many others. Including the sister wives. Which for many women in our post feminist culture, is something that they do not feel that they should nor are able to find fulfilment within motherhood and a marriage. All as it should be within a Family and missing within so many these days. While the social revolution of the ’60s brought much upheaval as people turned away from religions and prescribed societal mores and modes that for so many had become dead, empty meaningless forms of entrapment; we sought to find relationships based on (our own) true values that had deeper personal profound connections and ongoing vitality within them.
    Utilizing the wide variety of your different characters and strengths as assets for the good of all rather than let your broader differences from the inclusion of more strong people tear you apart. As Alina voiced in the book: ‘CRT: Communication, trust and respect’, and integrity I might add: all of which are vital in any relationship if it is going to work and most certainly in marriages; your open poly marriage made this crucial or as was noted: everything would break down very quickly. Your arrangement made you all much more cognizant and aware and attendant to all of these factors.

  49. Rashid says:

    My questions for opponents of Polygyny:
    1-If an adult woman, with her own choice, wants to have a half loving home or even one third, or one forth if she cannot have a one whole loving home, then why other women or men oppose her?

    2-If US constitution allows freedom of religion then, why men are not allowed to have more than one wives if their religion permits?

    3-Why US society is tolerant to men having mistresses but not to have more than one wife, with complete rights for her and her children?

    4-Caucasian race will finish if polygyny is not allowed. Russian politicians are voicing permission of polygyny. Also read ‘Death of the West’ by Pat Buchanan.

  50. Audrey says:

    You want to decriminalize polygamy, but are you ok with allowing gay marriage? Not to be rude but most devout religious fanatics I’ve met are very judging of others and have ideas about how everyone else should live their lives…

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